Can I ask what coloring/font you use with your…

Can I ask what coloring/font you use with your images? It's changed since your "how to" post.

Yes! I got an updated version of PS a few years ago and changed it very slightly. It’s still the font Courier New in Bold (Strong) in white text. Image should be 1000 pixels wide and the font should be anywhere from 40-60 points depending on the relative size of the text to the image or how much text you have on there (shorter text should be larger font, a large amount of text should be smaller font etc)

Select Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow. Change Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity at 100%, Spread at 88, Size at 5, Range at like 30 and Jitter at 0 (You can mess with these depending on the font size as long as the outer glow is smooth and even, it’s fine) 

Color is usually themed to the character. Generally if the color I try to normally use or a color I struggle with doesn’t go well with the image I just dropper select a color from the image and play with it (like Thor lol boy why are your colors so HARD). 

  • Tony – Bright red
  • Steve – Navy blue
  • Bruce Banner – Purple on the side of lavender
  • Clint – Purple on the side of berry (#850535 ish)
  • Natasha – Orangey red
  • Wanda – Dark red
  • Pietro – Lighter blue-gray (#207471)
  • Thor – I try to use yellow-brown but a lot of times I just go fuck it and use whatever color is predominant in his outfit
  • Jane Foster – Brown, varying shades, sometimes yellow or reddish 
  • Darcy Lewis – True purple
  • Loki – Green 
  • Phil Coulson – Gray 
  • Nick Fury – Black 
  • Maria Hill – Greeny-blue (#085051)
  • Bucky Barnes – Whatever he’s wearing in the photo I usually just eyedropper it like with Thor. Usually olive green or gray or red depending on the context 
  • Sam Wilson: Red or olive green 
  • Pepper Potts – Yellow or pink 

You get the idea. If you have questions about a specific character color let me know and I’ll do my best!