I haven't been here in forever and someth…

I haven't been here in forever and something made me visit. Saw you handling that … person's… complaints and think you did it well. I was turned off on a ship because their shippers were awful people when I was in a group for them, but I wouldn't chew you out for having texts that ship them. I'd just scroll past. I also don't see BuckyNat the way they do, but that's the way fandom works, we all ship our own things. I for one, am happy to see you've posted new items and hope you keep it up.

Aw, hey, thanks very much. I definitely understand fandom burnout and ship burnout, and I try to mix it up so I’m not just posting one character or pairing for weeks on end. I also try to stay away from creating content that’s going to upset people, regardless of ships.

For absolute clarity, the only time I’ve ever put my foot down and said “no” to any specific ship on TFTA was very early on in the blog when an individual on a Red Skull roleplay blog repeatedly messaged me (like, multiple times a day, blowing up my inbox) demanding I make Bucky/Red Skull posts so they could use them to RP, complete with a paragraph of badly written instructions for me IN CHARACTER, and every single text they chose was super creepy/on the non-consensual side. Bad vibes all the way around. I just wound up having to block them. 

Anyway, thanks very much for the kind message, and I do plan to keep on a-posting for a good long time!