My friend and I are arguing, you know the rema…

My friend and I are arguing, you know the remake of the fantastic 4 from 2014? Well I say is doesn't "count" in the fandom cause it's absolute shit and nobody talks about it but she says it does cause it's still a marvel movie, what do you think?

Well, technically speaking it isn’t a proper marvel movie, like it doesn’t belong in the well known Marvel Cinematic Universe cause as we know in that time F4 rights (and X-Men) belong to 20th Century Fox. Its like, they use characters from Marvel, yes. But it’s not a “Marvel” movie.

Second of all, I have to agree in the part that it was terrible in every way and it’s sad to see they didn’t deliver as expected. So it’s better to just think that never happen (like X-Men: Origins lol)

👉Just to clarify this is my opinion, if someone did like the movie or thinks it belongs to the fandom they are entitled to their opinion, but as far as mine goes, I’m with you Anon.