Whats wrong about xmen origins? (Its not an a…

Whats wrong about xmen origins? (Its not an angry message or something, just my pure curiosity)

For me was like the worst x-men movie ever made. Even tho the story in the comics it’s actually pretty sweet, here the adaptation is horrible. The Logan they show us is unrecognizable in every way, he basically lost his entire personality. The arc is soooo predictable and boring, also they try to make it better using “plot twist” you could catch a mile away (like the brother betraying him or the wife) the members of the team that was with Logan were actually some pretty decent mutants and they treat them like garbage and despose them in such a trashy way that is sad, and not to mention the top of the cherry, their shitty version of deadpool and the absurd plot of mixing all mutant powers in him. like, we get the idea but it didn’t delivered. Also the cgi, oh god and the acting of some actors.. wow. Just terrible. But not everything is bad, the part were Charles save them or gambit were the only things I could safe from that movie. And Hugh Jackman, cause he is Hugh Jackman and I’ll love him no matter what 😂😍

👉just to clarify this is MY opinion, not saying that things are the way I said so, if you did like the movie it’s up to you and you are entitled to your opinion and I totally respect it, but this is what I think and I’m just sad now that I remember that movie :’v oh god the traumas are coming, the traumas are coming👈