Kinda wanted to know your opinion on all these…

Kinda wanted to know your opinion on all these people who say the MCU Fandom is racist/hates minority characters. I've seen posts saying Marvel fans and the company itself is racist, and a lot, especially after Doctor Strange came out. Tbh I think that's just some crap DC fanboys and angry SJW created to attack Marvel somehow, but… What are your thoughts on all of that?

I mean we got to be honest, even now days in plenty 21st Century all companies still got to figure it out the “racist”, “non inclusive” or “stereotypical” issues they ALL suffer. But in terms of being like “THE racist” thing in marvel, for me, it’s not happening. Like you all can’t not expect to always have a politically correct character every time because it won’t solve the issue, it will just make it like a “you must do it or else” type of situación. Those types of inclusions must happen organically and in the most natural way possible, if it happens like that believe me when I say that companies will not hesitate to be more open to new and different type of characters. But if you force them to do so, it’ll just make it even worst and it’s gonna be a complete and offensive mess.

On the other side, with the DC vs Marvel thing going on with the fans, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous but as horrible as it sounds it’s kind of “common”. Not get me wrong, I hate to see fans fighting for things like which one is better, because it is all subjective, but it’s pretty common in human nature to stand for something and fight for it, till the end. And that can be reflected in religion, politics, music, movies, etc. I’m a true believer of a full tolerance policy, were you can have your own taste in movies, and you can choose which one you like the most but even if someone doesn’t agree with you, you have, I repeat, you HAVE to RESPECT them.

So yeah, that’s my opinion on those matters, thank you for asking and reading all these. Love to you all 💝