So I'm a little confused. Did someone cal…

So I'm a little confused. Did someone call Shuri something racist on your BP post (using a slur or pejorative term), or did they call her a racist? Is this the same post where someone reblogged it saying "white people are evil"? I love this blog and I'm kind of bamboozled on what lines are being drawn.

(I went and wrote this whole long post about institutionalized racism and then I checked the blog that said that on the post, and the person just seems to be lurking the infinity war tags repeating that they want to kill white people and using some way out there language about black people as well, so I’m going to block them too anyway because I don’t really want that person popping up in any more of my tags. So sorry about that.)

Here’s the post I wrote anyway:

I do not want to make this blog a social justice education blog, namely because A) I’m white and I don’t want to be out here white savior-ing it up to the POC who follow this blog B) it is about fictional superheroes and not real world social problems and injustices, but with the release of Black Panther I see that discourse on the subject is pretty inevitable. So here’s the only statement I am going to make on the matter. 

Europe colonized and exploited Africa and multiple other countries in the Southern Hemisphere for centuries. European countries invaded, colonized, kidnapped, and stole human beings, gold, diamonds, ivory, and other natural resources from the continent. “Oh but Africans sold each other too!” Not NEARLY on the scale that European and white countries did. The effects of white exploitation are still seen to this day. The entire point of Black Panther is to see what African countries could have done and accomplished technologically had there been a way to protect the people in them from colonization and exploitation. That’s why it struck such a resounding nerve and chord with the African diaspora. 

White people absolutely hold a privilege in American society. There were laws that made it impossible for black people to vote, own property, buy houses (look up redlining) and send their kids to good schools. Keep the cycle up for a few decades and voila. The systematic oppression of people of color in this country has been far-reaching and has resulted in social stigma, stereotypes, shamefully high maternal mortality rates, poverty, higher likelihoods of black men being incarcerated for crimes that white men commit at very similar rates but aren’t incarcerated for (The New Jim Crow is an excellent read on this subject if you’re interested), and police brutality. 

So as a white person, if I see someone on the internet saying “white people are evil” that doesn’t bother me. I know I am not an evil person, but I am also aware that historically, people with my skin color brutalized and colonized entire races of people, and that people of color have a right to be upset about that.