oh boy

So I’m sure by now you have all heard of the infamous New Tumblr Rules ™. If you haven’t, basically all NSFW images are going to be flagged by the 17th and removed from the site. They’re supposed to only ban, like, illustrations of sexual activity (so basically all fanart) and “female presenting nipples” (???) but I’ve seen memes and random cat photos being flagged just today, so I don’t know what’s going on, and neither does tumblr.

Here’s the other thing. This is a sideblog from my main blog, not a separate blog, and the email I used to sign up seven years ago has been defunct/locked down for ages. If tumblr decides to take down images on this blog for containing the word “fuck” or something, I won’t be able to receive the notices/emails about it, and for all I know the blog might be taken down after “repeat offenses” (still fuzzy on what constitutes that, but, hey). 

So if this blog is removed, here’s my other social media which you can follow me or talk to me on. If TFTA goes down you bet your butt I’ll be reposting all my stuff to my personal Twitter.

TWITTER: @urulokid (mostly fandom, politics, and shitposting memes)
INSTAGRAM: @imcarriemarie (personal stuff and cosplay!)
DISCORD: urulokid#6776 (anything really, come holler at me about marvel stuff)