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Hi there I was wondering has Natasha ever picked up Thor’s hammer or at least tried to I mean, I feel like she could be worthy ;)

Nope. Don’t need that question answered publicly in front of everyone because I already know the answer.


Will Loki ever have an affair with a mortal? If so call me ;)


What makes you think I haven’t before?


I was wondering how this all works, is this one person running it all or multiple individual people? And if it’s like auditions as if I could possibly join too? //eat-my-entire-sass

We’ve just got one mod working behind the scenes to keep our blog running smoothly. Of course we can’t do it ourselves… we’re off saving the world!


Why support white washed, racist trash?

That is a fantastic question. Unfortunately, there are tons of idiots out there that do support that kind of stuff…


Hey Loki So what do you find attractive in a woman. Or man. I won’t judge. What do you like to be called. Your King. Highness things like that. Thanks.

Cleverness is the top priority when finding a mate. He or she must be clever like me. But not more clever than me. That just won’t do…

I have no preference on what to be called. If heard everything from “little shit” to “your excellency”. In all honesty, the latter was spoken sarcastically, but no matter.


Hey Steve, how does your shield break the laws of physics? I’m very confused. Like it always comes back, and at the most convenient times too. Like wouldn’t it just go where ever unless an outside force acts upon it, so if you threw it, how is it not effected by other forces such as wind? Like bruh, and I over thinking this, or is it a way you throw it? Also, how does one pass AP Astrophysics? Thank you -Ace.

You underestimate my throwing powers! Also, remember, Vibranium is a really insane metal that scientists have been observing for decades. Who know’s the full extent of it’s power? Howard apparently did…


So I want to wear a cape to a school prom but they’re being against it. Thor, Vision, Black Widow, any advice for it?

Wear it under whatever you’re wearing and whip it out when you get it!


Why would they prohibit the use of capes? Capes are quite badass!


That seems unfair. Sneak in with one on if you don’t think you’ll get in trouble! If not, wear it for the photos and then take it off for the dancing.

Hey Peggy, what’s your reaction about the whole Staron relationship?

Staron? I’m sorry, dear, I’ve not a single clue what you’re talking about!


Happy Mother’s Day to Earth’s Mightiest Mothers!

Make sure you tell your mom how much you love her today because they’re the real heroes… and if your mom’s not so super, we’ll be your mom for the day!


For Bucky and Natasha do you hope they show your connections in the movies as they do in the comics?

We’re friends and that’s the extent of our relationship, really.